Why is there only Bridging License?

Bridging License is the only license we provides.

As previously announced by Marmalade Technology, licenses previously provided by Marmalade Technology can be used until March 31, 2017. Afterward the license will stop working, which means the SDK will run into certain verification failure, and can't be use anymore. We understand that it's a terrible situation for all current developers, to help everyone out, we decided to provide this new license - Bridging License.

We named it “Bridging License” means to provide a bridging phase for developers from old Marmalade SDK to the future. We set the pricing to USD $600 per license, slightly higher then previous indie license and roughly the price of an 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It allows all developers to continue using Marmalade SDK after March 31 2017, you may use it for maintaining current published apps and games, retain the works and assets, etc. We hope this bridging license could ease the pain of all current developers. Bridging License will be deliver from later March 2017, along with SDK 8.8. The version 8.8 is minimal requirement for using Bridging License.

We are currently building a new game engine base on Marmalade with some latest platform supports. It will inherit most of the characteristic of current Marmalade SDK, or say, it will be a power-up version of current Marmalade SDK. We expect it to be high performance and cross platform as what you have with Marmalade SDK right now.

And of course it takes time for us to build it up, we are aiming March 2018 to launch it, that’s also why we provides bug fix for SDK 8.8.x until Mar 31.

So, that's the background story. Hope this helps you to understand the current situation of the SDK.



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