What is the price and what is delivered?

The pricing is USD $600 per license, slightly higher then previous indie license and roughly the price of an 9.7-inch iPad Pro.


With USD $600 paid, below privileges are provided:

  • Full access to Marmalade SDK 8.8
  • Permanent usage of Marmalade SDK 8.8, no expiration
  • 1 year maintenance of SDK 8.8.x.
  • Online Documentation

When we say "maintenance of SDK 8.8.x", it means if there's any outstanding bug discovered within SDK's existing function, we will release a bug fix for it.


Things NOT included in Bridging License:

  • Technical support
  • newer OS version functionality support such as iOS 11 or Android 8.0

That is to say, we do not answer technical questions, and we won't response to the request for new OS functionality support. (your app will run in compatibility mode in newer OS versions.) 

The Bridging License is per-machine base. For example, if you have 1 Windows machine and 1 Mac machine for development, you will need to buy 2 licenses. The license is transferable, if one of your dev machine is broken(hope this won't happen too often), we can help you to reset the status of license code, then the license can be reuse for activating the other new machine.


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