Patch for perpetual usage without license server

Here's the procedure and download link of the patch.

  1. Before you start, please make sure you had at least ran Marmalade once.
  2. Download the patch file and script from below link:
    MD5 checksum: ceec432be7110d3b5160cb99b15bb588
    MD5 checksum: 841795dfec341852f196cfd6463f766a
  3. Unzip the file.
  4. Copy the extracted file, paste and overwrite it to /s3e/bin/
  5. Start Marmalade Hub, Input your email and license. It should activate without license server.
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    Womack Roger

    Does this allow to swap the licence to other machines or is it locked to original 1? I need to continue to be able to swap between a Win10 PC and a Mac.

    Edited by Womack Roger
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    Marmalade Team Japan

    Yes, you can still swap the license

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