Product roadmap update

We had been being quiet for a while since this forum is open.
And now we believe it's time for us to share some updates regarding the roadmap.

Currently we are mainly working on 2 targets: Android Oreo support and iOS11 support.
There are several phases internally, Oreo compatibility will be the first priority, then is the iOS 11.
For Android, one notable item in our list is Clang support.
For iOS11, new APIs and iPhoneX resolution are the major topics.
Schedule-wise we are aiming early summer 2018 to roll these new platform supports out.

Please notice that these updates are not part of the Bridging License.
We will have a new license pricing model, details will be announced next year.

There will be some news update from now on once in a while regarding the progress of the development, please stay tuned.

Marmalade Team Japan

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    Andrew Hersee

    Note that the existing license runs full screen on an iPhone X in debug builds by modifying the xCode project. Why do we have to wait till mid 2018 for this support  in release builds? It's not acceptable. I find it exceptionally hard trying to explain to customers why our app does not support full screen on iPhone X and to tell them not to expect it until summer 2018! That makes us look like a very slow company and forces us to try to find alternatives, what are you playing at? Is there no hope for iPhone X full screen support in the next few weeks? Rather than in half a year?

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    Sorry if this sounds a bit negative but seriously, is that what you aim to do to keep existing customers (let alone find new ones)?

    Just a bit of OS maintenance as a new paid release, i.e. not even covered by those who already paid you, about 1.5 years after the original Marmalade shutdown (I know you got the license a few months later, but it's what it feels like to existing or previous longtime users)?

    I was in kind of a hibernation with some big project that used Marmalade while working on other smaller titles using other middlewares made for rapid development (but at a huge performance cost) but this announcement is not even what the pessimistic me hoped for.

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    Any news on High Sierra/XCode9 support, please. Are you still testing since early November?

    The current situation casts a serious shadow of doubt regarding whether Marmalade/GMO is willing to support the SDK at all. First the documentation site was down for five months, and now this.

    I appreciate that at least the documentation case got solved and you are communicating, but we can't risk using an SDK that does not seem to be maintained.

    Not to mention that we already paid $600 for a permanent license that was originally supposed to be free for existing license holders, but for a one-year maintenance. After nearly a year, so far no hotfix has been provided - which is, to put it kindly, extremely disappointing.

    If the situation does not get better soon, we will have to move on.

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    Marmalade Team Japan

    We believe that following up the Android and iOS support is having a very high priority among other topics, to keep Marmalade SDK alive. And that's also what we heard from many existing developers.

    Do you mind if we send you emails to communicate on what you are expecting for?

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    Marmalade Team Japan
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