What's the procedures to activate with Bridging License?

The flow is slightly different from previous versions.

To activate, here's the flow:

  1. After installation, please launch Marmalade Hub from Start Menu(Windows) or Application Menu(Mac)
  2. The interface should looks like below screenshots.
    ・Windows version:
    ・Mac version:
  3. In above screenshot, at the upper right of the window you may see the version number of this SDK. Please make sure the version is later then 8.8.
  4. Input the email address and license key, then press "Activate", it should be done then if no particular issue 

To revoke the license and use the key on the other machine, please follow below procedure:

  1. In above screenshot, at the upper right of the window you may see an head image.
    ・Windows version:
    ・Mac version:
  2. Click on this icon will bring up a small dialog above the interface.
  3. Click on "Release License", if no particular issue the license will be revoked.
  4. You may now activate the other machine with this license key.


  • Please make sure you are running the SDK 8.8, not any other versions.
  • Please make sure it's Hub2 running. Hub1 is legacy property which wouldn't work.
  • If you runs Marmalade form a link previously created, we suggest to create it again with confirmed new path to avoid wrong path.
  • The input fields are case sensitive. Please make sure the upper/lower case are exactly matching, especially for the email address field.
  • Please make sure you have Internet connection during the process. Lack of Internet access or unstable network will result failure of activation/revoke.
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